Reinventing the customer care experience for BMW i motorists.

Driving electric is a radical shift in how motorists use and experience their car. Poet Farmer is helping BMW bring this experience to the target group. Not only the experience for potential customer can be influenced, also the transition from petrol to electricity can be smoothened by the use of good marketing and communication strategies.

Poet Farmer works closely with BMW in positioning their all-electric product range, the BMW i, in the market. Including the support and customer care experience for the motorists that have already become early adopters to all electric driving.

“BMW is the ultimate driving experience, and BMW i is that ultimate driving experience, for the future. With the i Community we created the customer care experience that fits that forward-thinking mindset”

Rik van der Kroon,
Managing partner

i Community
Optimizing for mobile

The first iteration of the community was desktop only. This doesn’t make sense for such a mobile and on-the-go market such as the automotive one. Therefore we brought the full i Community desktop experience to all mobile devices.

Preparing the marketplace for innovation

Patrick de Regt, Partner PoetFarmer

“BMW i is the cutting edge of what the automotive industry has to offer. BMW i is the future; and we are bringing it closer to their target group and customers”

BMW i now has a customer care platform to match its innovative products. Not only does this platform make the customer care process more efficient, insights from this social and interactive platform are immediately incorporated into sales materials, and influence the marketing approach.

Even more importantly, this new approach lets BMW and their customers interact with each other and educate themselves in a less formal and more experiential environment.

With the iCommunity we help BMW:

  • Anticipate change and generate valuable product data
  • Generate buzz and create a sense of exclusivity
  • Unite content with commerce
  • Interact directly with their user base
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Interested in our vision on your company?

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