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Werthstein is a roboadvisor for the financial markets, that was founded by a couple of ex-Credit Suisse bankers. They created a new approach in digital wealth management, by combining a multimedia platform with portfolio management.

Investment ideas, that were hand-picked by financial professionals, are presented on a multimedia platform and formed into investment solutions that a client can choose with the touch of a button.

Werthstein’s initial question to us was to design and build a website that basically looked like a magazine, so their Zeitgeists could get the level of visual awesomeness they deserve. We built a WordPress website that fulfills that requirement and at the same time is also easy-to-use and performs well in search rankings.

Our work was greeted with enthusiasm and we were almost immediately asked to do a second project: creating the visual designs for Werthstein’s Portfolio Management Tool. After extensive research on what works and doesn’t work for tools like this – always keeping the end user in mind – we delivered a full stack of designs, that covered everything.


Like we do in most of our projects, we made sure that the content also adapted to different kinds of viewports.

Combined efforts

Perry Nauta, Digital Producer, Poet Farmer

Each as experts in our own field, we’ve combined our skills and effort, with the result of making something that will change the way people invest and manage their portfolios.

Working with Werthstein has been a blast and we’re very proud of the end results.

Just as the founders of Werthstein, we are also perfectionists. Even now the website is finished and launched, we’re still constantly tweaking the design and making optimizations, in order to ensure the best user experience possible.

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Interested in our vision on your company?

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