6th June 2018
Poets Farm: bringing digital to Amsterdam Central Station

Poet Farmer has always been focused on moving forward.  Over the years, we’ve proudly expanded our operations to Kuala Lumpur and then to Munich. This time, we decided to go a bit differently with our most recent endeavor; opening up a modern media spot in Amsterdam called Poets Farm.

The idea of Poets Farm can be traced back to the NS Try Out Festivals. This was a marketing campaign for the Dutch Railways where Poet Farmer’s Managing Partner Daniël Doornink was the executive producer. To celebrate the opening of the new ‘world stations’, 10 cultural music festivals were organised for 3 days in cities like Leiden, Eindhoven, Groningen, Amsterdam and Arnhem. The new train stations were transformed into experience grounds of culture that really made people feel positively about their station.

Based on the success of the first NS Try Out Festivals, the desire arose to create a more permanent festival at Amsterdam Central and recreate this magic on the stations once again. With over 250.000 travelers visiting this station everyday, this was the perfect location to experiment with features in the public space to create a pleasant ambience for travelers.

Visitors often struggle with an intrinsic need to rush and hurry to get in and out of stations as quickly as possible. The format of Poets Farm completely disrupts that. Instead of focusing solely on getting from point A to B, it asks you to stop and encourages you to enjoy the atmosphere. The experience of train travel shifts from being stressful to being positive and enjoyable.

How do we do it? Live weekly performances take place on the permanent stage set up right in the middle of the station. Visitors are given the chance to discover new talent, and artists are given the opportunity to showcase their craft. The hospitality aspect of the experience is already up and running. Our open space bar houses over 70 seats and serves authentic (organic and vegetarian) food for visitors to enjoy. The next step is the internet radio station, which will give people the opportunity to be there with us without having to step foot in the station.

“We’re creating a community that’s both digital and physical. People are really interested in the spot already, intrigued by the setup of the radio station that we have and taking pictures of it. We’re also seeing children getting up on the stage and pretending that they are performers… in this way, the stations are becoming part of their lives,” says Danïel.

This physical location brings media, live and digital all together to create a particular ambience and feeling of connectivity for train travelers. In a certain way, Poets Farm is an example of how Poet Farmer can build communities for clients. It’s about facilitating memorable moments for everyone and creating positive associations between an experience and a brand.

As this modern start-up continues to grow, Poet Farmer has even more plans on how to further digitalize the experience at Poets Farm: think of up-front ordering, loyalty based programs, podcasts and live video streaming. “We are always thinking of our next steps. We want to be a technology partner for our clients and provide digital solutions that deliver results for them,” says Managing Partner Patrick de Regt.

So there you have it! The next time you find yourself in the Ijpassage of Amsterdam Central Station, be sure to check out Poets Farm and let us know what you think.