A dynamic data collection and CRM app

UI/UX design, App development

Linaco manufacturing and its myriad of subsidiary companies are one of the largest food manufacturing and export companies in Malaysia. Its products are produced and exported to more than 40 countries around the world and its manufacturing plant just outside Kuala Lumpur is one of the more impressive facilities in the region.

Like many businesses of this nature, sales and networking, particularly at trade shows and exhibitions around the world are an essential element of creating new markets and business development. With limited sales staff to perform data collection, customer acquisition and general networking at these events, the problem was clear: How could Linaco equip its staff to better network and acquire new business?

Enter the Linaco mobile app. Designed and developed by Poet Farmer in close consultation with Linaco, the app functions as a powerful all-in-one data collection and CRM app.

A custom-built name card scanner function allows users to quickly and accurately create and store client profiles on the cloud.
Sales staff can add value to client profiles by inserting data about their business interests and activity through an intuitive and user-centric data input module.
Automated CRM functions such as customer lifecycle tracking and dynamic email templates create simple but effective ways for users to monitor and reach out to clients.
An editable library of product information documents can be quickly accessed by users and/or emailed to clients at the touch of a button to add urgency and immediacy to the sales pitch.

The Linaco app is a tool that allows users to do more with less.

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