Onderlinge ‘s-Gravenhage

Using a cross media approach for brand awareness and conversions.

Insurance & Retirement
Content creation, Conversion

Onderlinge ‘s-Gravenhage is a mutual insurance company that has been already operating in The Netherlands for over 120 years. For the various insurance and pension plans they provide, one thing is always present: their clear, personalised approach.

Poet Farmer has worked together with Onderlinge ‘s-Gravenhage since 2011, creating websites, producing media content and also conceptualising and managing online and offline marketing campaigns. They recently requested a campaign focused on increasing brand awareness and conversion rates amongst their resellers and clients. To do this, we created a radio and online marketing campaign using Google & LinkedIn to really get people to remember their name and encourage conversions.

Market research undertaken after the campaign showed not only increased brand awareness, but demonstrated that members of the target audience could actually explain what the products and services offered by Onderlinge ‘s-Gravenhage were.


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