Tenby International Schools

A delightfully designed user-centric display website


The Tenby International School network is a group of prestigious international schools in Malaysia. The schools promote a philosophy of inclusivity and amazing learning and consistently ranks as one of the best performing international schools in Malaysia.

Working closely with Tenby, Goodputty and Poet Farmer was contracted to work on revamping the school’s websites and rethinking its web presence. User journey workshops were utilised to identify key stakeholders and their needs from a school website. These findings were then translated into functional designs by Goodputty, and realised into the current form by Poet Farmer.

What resulted was a series of beautifully designed websites that functioned in a meaningful way for prospective parents, current students/parents as well as Tenby staff to create the best possible user experience.

A web responsive build, cleverly designed graphics and interactive navigation combine to delight the user.
Information on the website is structured to take prospective parents on an intuitive and linear fact finding journey to answer the question: Why Tenby?
Dynamic application and enquiry forms linked with custom-built CRM functions allow prospective parents to get in touch with the right people at Tenby to quickly and easily resolve enquiries and/or process applications.
School calendars, term dates and other useful resources are strategically placed throughout the website for ease-of-access.

The Tenby International School websites are a great example of how Poet Farmer marries it’s technical development expertise with a deep appreciation for client and user needs to create the best possible product.

Tenby International Schools’ website

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