Who We Are

We are an international web development and design agency from The Netherlands with a branch office in Malaysia.

At Poet Farmer we care about the end-user and the goals of our clients. You won’t just push features, or make things for the sake of it. We do things differently, we do things with a purpose. As a back-end developer at Poet Farmer you will build the foundation of all the great stuff we create.

  • Project based custom web platforms for clients
  • Projects include online services such as:
    • customer care platforms (such as BMW i Community)
    • subscription based web services (such as Save-Me.nu)
    • Content delivery platforms
    • online marketplaces
    • custom enrolment flows or sign up flows
    • wizards (like the IDEA Gender Equality Tool or the EnergieLabel Wizard)

All work is project based and for external clients only, design is done in house in The Netherlands and Malaysia and the whole development team is based in Malaysia under guidance of Dutch management and support.

Desired Skill Set

You won’t just join our team, you will make the team and you will have real influence in shaping how we do things and what we work on. Expect a productive environment, as much responsibility and freedom you can handle, and some truly interesting projects.

  • 5 or more years of experience.
  • Up to date with the latest code bases and standards.
  • Ability to build web application from scratch using Laravel and MySQL.
  • Skilled in server side development (Dev ops), setting up secure and reliable servers. But also including SSL, Server to server VPN set up, redunandant environments and CDN.
  • Experience with cloud computing is a plus, services like Google Engine or Amazon AWS
  • Familiar with using GIT.
  • You are comfortable expressing your vision and communicating in English.

We also expect you are comfortable to design the initial architecture of the to be build application, and can document this beforehand.

Desired Personal Traits

We trust you write the cleanest, best-commented and well-working code, but there should be more in your work life than your field of expertise, how about these?

  • Writing skills, for documenting your work.
  • Commenting on the interaction design.
  • Taking ownership and suggesting improvements, new features or other improvements.
  • Front-end development, for when the front-end guys are stuck.

We’re looking for someone who is smart and gets things done, with additional skills that broaden the team in unexpected ways.

How to Apply

Click on the button below, or send your CV and portfolio to [email protected]. Links to your GitHub, Stack Overflow, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, and any other references are greatly appreciated.