How can we contribute to a better world?
The Internet offers an infinite range of possibilities. Together with our clients, we look for transparent applications and solutions where the safety and privacy of users are paramount. We are aware of the trust customers place in the digital services we develop. We like to work for clients who want to make the world a better place.
How can we help to create a society that everyone can participate in?
We believe that everyone, regardless of age or ability, should be able to participate in a digital world. Participation means full access to information, services and social events. Having access to a life the way we all want to live it. Internet technology offers us great opportunities, but at the same time people are excluded from participation due to complex operations or technical hurdles. An example of Poet Farmer's vision of participation for all is the development of Pedle, a computer system for the elderly and people with disabilities.
How can we strive to use new technology that benefits our lives?
It is a quest to work with our clients on innovative applications and surprising solutions. The world is still at the beginning of major changes that the internet has to offer. In a digitised world, we use our talents to create new ways to communicate or do business. Let's celebrate the opportunities that technology offers to create a better society for everyone.
This is what we stand for.

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