Shaping a better society through internet technology

Poet Farmer is a leading technology company, located in the Netherlands and Malaysia.

What we do

We Design

We create unique and beautiful designs that are tailor-made for your needs. Our solutions work great and look even better.

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We Code

We are concerned with more than just ensuring that your product works well. Whether your solution is straight-forward or unprecedented, we are all about making sure that it is robust, secure and scalable.

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We Invest

From a small start-up to a multinational company, we can help anyone to achieve their digital goals. Moreover, we are prepared to invest in your company or services if it fits our mission.

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Our mission

As creative and technical people, we want to use our talents to help others. We live in a digitised world with opportunities and threats. What we know is that our world will continue to change rapidly in the years to come. We are a company that wants to help organisations seize the opportunities offered by new technologies. We strive to be relevant, inclusive and progressive in our work.

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