European Union Global Diaspora Facility

Consolidating global efforts on diaspora engagement worldwide

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European Union Global Diaspora Facility (EUDiF) assists diaspora organisations in Europe, countries of origin and the EU to engage and collaborate more effectively with each other on development issues. It does so by serving as a knowledge hub and as a source and meeting place for diaspora professionals and experts.

EUDiF approached Poet Farmer in 2019, requesting us to compete in the tender process for the development of a web platform.  Poet Farmer was selected from a number of suppliers, based on our approach, references and design concepts.

Following an intense collaborative effort, Poet Farmer delivered a fully-responsive, secure and streamlined WordPress website. In addition to fulfilling the basic needs for an online presence, the platform also features an interactive map and expert roster.

data points mapped
diaspora professionals and experts registered

The interactive map provides an intuitive way for researchers and other interested parties to gain access to a wide range of diaspora-related data and background information. All data points are managed by EUDiF from the content management system.

The expert roster invites diaspora professionals and experts to register. Following a semi-automatic approval process, their profiles are added to the system, where diaspora organisations can filter and search for the profile best fitting their project’s needs. After deployment, the diaspora organisation fills in a report, providing valuable information for future deployments.

Check the website for more information about the Diaspora engagement app.

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