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Haerst Software Development for psychiatric care

Haerst is a start-up that developed a special diagnostic camera for psychiatrists to record therapy sessions. Recorded videos can be analyzed and shared with colleagues for further diagnosis. The camera has two lenses focused on both parties, creating one stream out of the conversation.

Haerst wanted to leverage on technology to further take their product to the next level. To do this, Poet Farmer collaborated with Haerst and their hardware partner Autodidact, and developed all of the accompanying software for this diagnostic camera. This includes the actual firmware running on the camera, secure cloud solutions, the content management system and the iPad companion app.

The result is a safe and user friendly platform that connects the psychiatrists to each other and to the camera itself.

New technology, such as this Haerst Software Development, can contribute to better health care. Read another example (the Informed Plus Case) or contact us for more information.

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