Enterprise resource planning system (ERP) for on-demand delivery management.

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Santanku’s business imperative lies in the production and sale of coconut-based products. Poet Farmer was contracted to look into the Santanku business model with an express focus on digitalisation and designing a direct channel between the company and its customers. The end result is the Santanku web and mobile ERP platform.

The Santanku Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

Customer module
This places a user-friendly mobile app in the hands of the end-customer, allowing them to make orders up to a month in advance directly to Santanku.

Sales management module
Web and mobile-app based platform which allows for customer and order management whilst facilitating Santanku internal management of sales staff.

Depot / Inventory management module
Facilitates order and inventory management. Santanku is able to see orders as they are received in real-time and assign them to delivery riders for on-demand delivery.

Accounts management module
Integrated account management system which allows Santanku to manage cash collection and customer accounts. In combination, the modules above serve as an end-to-end ERP that has allowed Santanku to quickly expand its operations to new regions and disrupt existing industry business practices. This platform is now in-action for select regions in Malaysia and will soon be expanded for nationwide use.


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