Van der Gang Watches

High-end watch manufacturing from the Low Lands

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Van der Gang Watches is an award-winning watch manufacturer from The Netherlands. As watch aficionados, we’ve always dreamt of working of working for a high-end watch brand, so when the opportunity arose in 2015, we did not hesitate.

Wybe van der Gang, founder and designer of Van der Gang Watches, has an eye for detail unlike anyone else. This applies to the watches he manufactures, but also to anything else he works on. So we knew beforehand that we needed to match his level of attention for details in designing and developing a new website and webshop for Van der Gang Watches.

“To me, the beauty of our watches is the result of perfectly balanced design, where no one single element dominates. Attention is paid to each and every detail. We deploy extremely precise production techniques, applied in combination with high-quality materials, without making any concessions. The norm, that's me.”
Wybe van der Gang
Founder Van der Gang Watches

The website tells the story of Van der Gang Watches and lets the visitor get to know the collection. Our aim was to come as close as possible to a real-life experience of seeing and touching the watch as possible. That’s why we worked with high resolution imagery and videos with 360 degree views.

Van der Gang Watches’ ambitions don’t stop at our country’s borders. Because the company’s resellers were all located in The Netherlands, we set up a webshop. This way everyone from the United States to Australia and everything in between can order and purchase their very own Van der Gang easily online. Furthermore, this e-commerce feature also allows owners to purchase new straps when it’s time for a replacement.

In addition to design and development, we also helped Van der Gang Watches with creating a social media presence. Poet Farmer set up Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts, crafted a social media strategy and guided Van der Gang Watches’ employees in executing this strategy.

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