Van Dieren Ontdekpark

Viewing the world through animal's eyes

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Van Dieren Ontdekpark is an educational animal park under development, with 25 themes about companion animals, production animals and wild animals. The park lets children and adults view the world through the eyes of animals.

Poet Farmer is a proud partner of Van Dieren Ontdekpark. Following an intensive process, where we were a part of the concepting team, the time has come to get our hands dirty. We are working on several digital solutions together with the team behind Van Dieren Ontdekpark, such as a ticketing system.

Furthermore, we developed a website for this project. Van Dieren Ontdekpark is actively searching for partnership and opportunities to collaborate with organisations on the development of the park. The website is an important tool in this process.

Poet Farmer designed and build a responsive WordPress website for Van Dieren Ontdekpark. In an earlier phase Poet Farmer already created a visual identity for the animal park, upon which the web design is based. Here we found the perfect balance between the playful character fitting a zoo and a style that speaks to potential business partners.

The project is evolving rapidly, so it’s important that the team behind Van Dieren Ontdekpark can easily create new pages. We’ve made this possible by developing a large set of ‘building blocks’, allowing the page templates to be set up 100% flexible.

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