19 / 05 / 2022

Global State of Democracy website; work in progress

Poet Farmer recently started to work on the Global State of Democracy website for our client International IDEA.
Global State of Democracy

In 2016, our client International IDEA launched the Global State of Democracy Initiative. Since then it has produced biennial analysis of democratic trends and development worldwide, focus reports, an Indices platform and a Global Covid-19 Monitor.

Recently we won the assignment to develop a comprehensive web platform for this initiative. It will track quantitative and qualitative data on the state of democracy of up to 173 countries on an extensive set of 5 attributes and 16 sub-attributes. Needless to say this is more relevant than ever with a war against the free world raging in Eastern Europe and an overall trend of the world becoming more authoritarian. The platform and research team behind it aims to be the bellwether of comprehensive, reliable and objective reporting of the state of democracy worldwide.

For us it is a complex and exciting undertaking on multiple levels, from proper UX design to developing easy to use content and data management systems based on a hybrid of Drupal and Laravel. The country profile pages for example needs to be informative and compelling, bringing across the monthly trend reports and updates to all 173 countries in a simple way. It brings out the best in our team because we love a good challenge!

Launch of the platform is planned after summer.

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