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HighCoordination is a business intelligence agency that helps its clients by implementing state-of-the-art and customized business intelligence concepts and optimizing their business processes. From their offices in Germany, Switzerland and Singapore they service clients from to a.o. the automotive, industrial engineering, aerospace, pharmaceutical, IT and financial sectors.

Poet Farmer was approached in the beginning of 2019 by HighCoordination and asked to provide a review of the current state of HighCoordination’s online presence. The resulting report provided a series of recommendations on areas with room for improvement. Not long after, Poet Farmer was contracted to work on revamping HighCoordination’s website.

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To kick things off, the project started with a user journey webshop. The key stakeholders of the website and their needs were identified, which served as input for the design phase of the project. With only the logo and a colour palette to begin with, Poet Farmer crafted a clean and minimalistic, but inspiring and user-centric design, that works well on all devices. In addition to the visual aspects, another important objective was to create the ultimate lead-generation website. Poet Farmer created a design that gently nudges the user to contacting HighCoordination or leaving his or her contact information, either by signing up for a webinar, downloading a white paper, scheduling a meeting or starting a chat.

Poet Farmer’s development team brought all of these ideas and concepts to live and built a clean, easy-to-use and stable website for HighCoordination and its clients. An integration was set up with ActiveCampaign to collect and process user data, behaviour and analytics.

Following the launch of the HighCoordination’s website, Poet Farmer was tasked with the assignment to develop a similar website for HighCoordination’s business intelligence solution, TRUECHART. In addition to the website, a portal was built for customers and partners, providing quick access to downloads, marketing materials, a knowledge base and order and pricing forms.

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