19 / 05 / 2021

De Proeverij: helping organic restaurant Digters shift gears during the pandemic

2020 has been a hard year for the restaurant business. Due to the pandemic, the Dutch government ordered all restaurants to close in March and then again in October.

Although completely understandable, it creates a huge challenge for cafes and restaurants to survive. Digters, an organic restaurant, located in our shared office building, had to deal with that same challenge. Although take-away and delivery was still allowed, Digters did not have a system for those services in place.

Digters works closely together with Pameijer, an large care and support organisation in The Netherlands. As a way to support their caretakers and clients, Pameijer asked Digters to deliver food packages to the many Pameijer locations in and around Rotterdam. Together with Digters, Poet Farmer built a webshop (‘De Proeverij’) and an ordering system that gives the locations a set amount of credits bi-weekly, after which the locations can log on with a unique code and make a selection from the available food offering. The platform includes a back-office with full management of the products, clients and delivery schedule.